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Goth Tiki Night - Dark Lagoon rises from the murky depths at The Mad Hanna in Portland

Founded in 2020 Dark Lagoon Goth Tiki Night is and now held one Sunday a month at The Mad Hanna in Portland OR. ^V^

Join us as we celebrate two of our favorite subcultures: Goth and Tiki. For some time we have wanted to do an event where we could celebrate and revel in the darker side of Tiki - fashion, art, decor, drinks and music. This night is musical journey exploring and blending the genres of exotica, surf, rockabilly, goth, and music that will take you on a dark vacation. ^V^

Be sure to have your favorite topical drink on hand and Make a Dark Date with us in The Dark Lagoon ™ No Cover at The Mad Hanna with DJ Kittybot and DJ NoN


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