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Decadent 80s Livestream is up!

With C19 restrictions and to stay safe Decadent '80s will be issuing our own Dance-At-Home order. We will be shifting to a weekly possibly biweekly Livestream featuring different genres and themes same as our regular nights. Thank you so much to everyone who listened to our first livestream and stay tuned for future events to be posted here and on Facebook.

Note * These will not be FB Live events. You will need to follow this link to listen in

You can get the free app and create an account if you like or just follow day of the event. : )

Of course these events will be free but is you wish to tip, anything is always greatly appreciated especially during these times.

Tip links:

Venmo: @J-Young-66 PayPal: Bobby Young (yes Bobby) 🤣 also Facebook Pay on messenger: Joe Yug

Thank you all we love and miss you and will be back as soon as its safe. Please be Safe everyone. Much love - DJ NoN​ -

Decadent '80s Est. 2004

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